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METRO DETROIT BARBER COLLEGE is a state of the art school for training men and women in the art of barbering.


The mission of Metro Detroit Barber College is to train students to become professional, licensed Barbers and Barber Instructors in the state of Michigan and gain entry level employment in their field.


Metro Detroit Barber College program is Barbering. We have Day and Evening classes available. Program lengths vary from 11 to 22 months completing 1800 clock hours (effective date of hour change is 5/27/14). The program is designed to give the student a strong foundation of history, theory, and the business of the profession while gaining the practical proficiencies and skill necessary for a career of leadership in the barbering industry.


The educational objective of Metro Detroit Barber College is to provide state of the art training for men and women in the art of barbering. We provide them with the skills necessary to locate and retain a job in the barber industry. Our goal is that our students will be confident and comfortable with providing grooming services for any client. We offer professional education to a diverse and talented student body. Our program is responsive to the challenging needs of society. We accomplish our mission by:


Metro Detroit Barber College holds to our philosophy of professionalism and service to others while allowing each student to realize their full earning and production potential. We seek to provide the barbering industry with graduates who are an asset to the college, their employer and the barbering profession. We at Metro Detroit Barber College strive to prepare our students to become skilled barbers who are capable of meeting the demands of the public.


Metro Detroit Barber College is located at 7443 West McNichols, Detroit, Michigan 48221. This area is divided into a junior department, advanced department, classroom, restrooms, patron's waiting room and office. We have adequate equipment for each and every student accepted for enrollment. Parking space is provided for our students during their school day.


Metro Detroit Barber College opened in 2009, located at 7443 W. McNichols, Detroit, Michigan. It is a high performing school that has developed a curriculum to meet the needs of a diverse student population. The college focuses on preparing students for the future while maintaining a safe learning environment.


The word "barber" comes from the Latin word "barba," meaning beard. The barber's art of shaving beards and cutting hair is an ancient tradition. Razor blades have been found among the relics of the Bronze Age. Barbering began with primitive men who believed that good and bad spirits entered individuals through the hair. The spirits inhabited the body, and that the only way to drive the bad ones out was by cutting one's hair. The earliest records show that barbers were the medicine men and the priests of the tribe. In many tribes, the barber was the most important man in the village. Throughout history hair has been very important socially and religiously, since many ancient superstitions revolved around it.


 Office: 313-342-4400 or 313-342-4600
FAX: 313-345-4085
E-Mail: metrodetbarber@yahoo.com
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